Tuesday, August 15

Comic Book Studio Workspace

I've done a lot of work on the Comic Book Studio lately. There's a lot of prototyping, moving things around, but there's great progress every day now. I take my time though, keeping the code simple and managable, since this project will never end and there will always be things that can be improved on.

Here's a screenshot of what the userinterface looks like right now. That's a menu bar, some toggle buttons, the script editor, the art board and a area for an property tree.


Oystein Runde said...

This is a fascinating blog. Even though some of your postings at first glance seem ... well ... absurd, like the A - I - R triangle, the thought of creating a genome for comics appeals immensely to my inner nerd. And I have the feeling that this intense, fascinating, crazy and yet scientific work may spawn something entirely new that I cannot even imagine today. Looking forward to it! Keep up the good work ...

Robotacon said...

I'm happy that you feel that way.

I'm totally aware of the "absurdness" of some of what I'm doing but at the same time I can't "break" anything so why shouldn't I experiment?