Saturday, August 26

Comic Format

I've started to create a file format for the comics created with the comic studio. I'm going to use XML for this and even though I like the efforts made by Jason McIntosh I'm going to create something that differ quite a lot from his ComicML. That's the nature of formats I guess.

The big difference I feel between Mr McIntosh approach and my own is that ComicML is more a description of a comic book or a comic strip while I need a format that lives through the creation of said comic. It's like comparing a service manual for a car with the blueprints for the same car.

I also want my file format to be easily browseable in a tree view. This means that all information should be stored in attributes and that the only tags needed should be things that have a corresponding physical comic book metaphor. Tags could be "collection", "issue", "page", "panel", "balloon"/"caption" etc while width and height, color and line weight etc should be attributes.

Actually I might have to break that rule when it comes to marking up actual dialogue where such tags as "scream" and "whisper" will be needed.

I don't want to post any examples yet because it's very much in the making right now.

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