Tuesday, August 22

Segmented Brush Strokes

Here we got a slightly more complex stroke. Or rather a segment of a stroke. The plan is to string segments like this one together to generate longer strokes.

The more segments a stroke is build up by the more organic the result might be but at the same time it might become increasingly difficult to handle. My hope lies in finding a simple way to control both how the segments of the stroke is distributed but also changes in the line weight.

Talking about line weight (i.e width) I found that it wasn't as easy as I hoped to apply the line weight to the stroke. As you can see in this example the weight at the middle of the stroke has a different value than a similar weight at the end points. It's hard to explain but I need to adjust the weight/width at the middle of the stroke depending on the angle of the curve. This is most noticeable if you try to create a really steep curve.

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