Tuesday, September 26

Counting Heads & Bluelines

Today I've been mostly sketching on my tablet. It wasn't as bad as I first thought after I turned down the opacity on both the pen and the eraser to 50%. While sketching along on different character concepts I started to think about proportions.

Take a look at the diagram to the right. Half of the image is what I first sketched out (using Ben Caldwells suggested female proportions) and the other half is my digital mapping. I think perhaps that my guidelines aren't perfect but it still would be a nice tool to have. You select how many heads tall your character is supposed to be and how wide the character should be. Then you specify where the shoulders, the pelvis and the knees are and sim-sala-bim, there you have the bluelines you need to get the proportions you're looking for.

The next step would be to create 360 degree turn-arounds from our guide. And if straight lines look to stiff (as if your bones weren't straight) and you want a more dynamic feel to your bluelines there is nothing stopping us from making the skeleton bendable.

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