Thursday, September 7

Drawing Balloons

If you're interested in how you can use software to create comics you need to check out Smith & Tinker's Balloonist. My ego is a little bruised by the fact that they've done it the way I'm going to organize my Comic Studio. It almost feels like they've beat me to it. On the other hand it's fun to know that there are others that believe in this kind of product.

Here's a sketch of how I envision the balloon editor to render balloons. Not too different from the Smith & Tinker approach. I'm just not dealing with semi-oval balloons.

I left out rectangular caption boxes but it goes without saying (well I'm telling you now) that those are the first ones to be implemented since they are the easiest to handle.

The thought balloon is completely mathematically calculated (by a brush in Xara X) that I created back in 2002 for a strip I made called Birch. The Comic Studio will have a similar widget.

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