Wednesday, September 20

Making Comics

I got my copy of Making Comics today and since I own half of my hits to Scott I guess I don't feel bad about making a post just about that.

On the other hand I had an idea for a mini series (that could possible grow from there) that I just have to do something with. So it suits me fine to use this story to try out a couple of theories I've had about making comics. How can I build a studio if I haven't written/drawn at least one comic book?

Initial Idea

The basic idea circulates around a female protagonist with a father who is in prison for a bank robbery that he committed several years ago. Our main character is driven by this guilt by association to look into a missing child case and finds herself more and more involved when the supposed kidnapping mirrors some events of the hostage situation during the bank robbery that separated her with her father.

These two parallel plots is accented by a sub plot where the main character stumbles into another character that is driven more by revenge. These two characters join forces, after a proof of loyalty, for the final showdown.

My plan is to base the story in Stockholm and to borrow heavily for the superhero genre and use a crime noir theme.

I'm going to store all notes and drafts and what ever I create and publish them here side by side with all the other posts I'm writing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good story. Make sure the female protagonist has disproportionately big, almost debilitatingly big, boobs. Because that is the crux of every good female comic book charater.

Robotacon said...

I'll have your advice in mind. I won't follow it but I'll have it in mind.