Tuesday, September 5

Quick 3D Guidelines

This weekend I spent working on a 3D renderer for creating guidelines to backgrounds. If you haven't read David Chelseas book Perspective! for Comic Book Artists I highly recommend you buying it. But as long as you understand the theory behind perspective there really should be no need for you to do the math and measurements yourself.

I'm currently experimenting with how you will define the horizon and the field of view. The user interface must be simple so you don't get scare out of using it and it should be faster than drawing a one, two or three point perspective by hand. There should also be a simple way to add additional guidelines to a given grid. Perhaps you should be able to drop boxes into the grid to represent buildings or cars or people even.

I have no intent to make this into a 3D modeler so I'll just start with a plain 3D grid and we'll see where we can take it from there.


melvin p. mouse said...

i would love to have a simple program like this! I'm stuck between an appreciation of mathematically correct perspective scenes, and a laziness to work it all out, Winsor McCay style. I know the Stormwatch: Team Achilles comic use perspective grid.

Robotacon said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

And it's far from rocket science so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something both simple and useful.

I hope so anyway ;)