Monday, September 25

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When creating a new comic book story or developing a new character you might want to keep all your sketches and references in a folder. This is at least what I'm doing myself right now.

If we're building a Comic Studio we got everything we need to quickly create model sheets and sketches with descriptions and what not. If we just add some kind of search functionality it will be easy to find specific model sheets when you need them. This way we don't have to order these model sheets hierarchically in the same way that we do with issues, pages and panels. Instead we can tag model sheets with its subject matter the same way flickr and all other digital albums work.

catch-phraseWe can also apply this search functionality on all pages we create within the Studio. This would make it possible to search for individual characters down to every panel in all publications. If the script is written in the Studio it will be easy to use the script as input to the index of the search motor. If nothing else it's pretty cool to search for all panels that includes some character saying their catch-phrase.

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