Friday, October 27

Analyzing Scenes

I've had a hard time lately working on my script. Mostly because I don't know where to start. For this reason I've been thinking about scenes, mostly while not being able to go to sleep.

I've been looking at a couple of different comic books to see if I could pick something up. Kind of like this...

Amazing Fantasy #15
Page 1
Splash scene, introduction, 1 panel

Page 2
Family, introduction, 2 panels
School, conflict, 6 panels

Pages 3 -4
Infection, enticing moment, 5 panels
Wall crawling, revelation, 8 panels

Pages 4-5
Wrestling, challenge, 10 panels

Page 6
Costume, development, 7 panels

Page 7
TV scene, development, 5 panels

Page 8
Burglar escape, setup, 5 panels
Family, development, 5 panels

Page 9
Fame, development, 5 panels

Pages 9-11
Ben killed , crisis, 4 panels
Warehouse, climax, 12 panels
Bens killer, twist, 5 panels

I honestly don't think I learned that much by doing these. and I'm not even sure that anyone would apply the "scene" metaphor on comic books. It's interesting however to see how effectively Stan Lee and Steve Ditko uses the few pages that makes up this first spider-man issue.

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