Sunday, October 8

Panels and Gutters

I've figured out now that I most likely will compromise on how panels are drawn. I've been experimenting with two ways of drawing panels and both got their pros and cons.

The first way to draw panels is to simply draw individual rectangles.

The second way to do it is to define the gutters and let the panels be formed in the gutters negative space.

Drawing gutters actually works best and is probably suited for 90% of all panels drawn. Since we need those extra 10% we need a back-up method for overlapping panels and what not.

I've been working with both these methods this weekend but I have nothing to prove that it works. The big problem here is not the math or anything, the main obstacle is creating a intuitive user interface. For this I'm trying to work with mouse gestures.

I'm not sure either if I'm going to allow arbitrary panel shapes or If I should only allow rectangular panels. What do you think?

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