Sunday, October 1

The Role of the Editor

These last days I've been thinking about the comic book editors trying to figure out how we can help ease their burden. Since I usually don't waste time I'm going to assume that the editor does some or everything that this article states which in my eyes would be the following:

Product Management
  • Bouncing ideas, story arcs, plot twists and so on
  • Critiquing
  • Maintain continuity
  • Spell-checking
  • Verify dialogue for readability
Project Management
  • Responsibility for the schedule/deadlines
  • Contact with publisher
  • Contact with freelancers
  • Contact with printers
  • Trafficking of resources such as scripts, artboards etc
  • Promote team spirit
Property Management
  • Protecting the francaise
  • Commission freelancers
  • Representing the comic in media
This is probably a quite naive analysis but it's enough for now. Here are some tools that might be useful:

Product Management
  • Commenting tool
  • Spell-checker
  • Timeline tool
Project Management
  • Resource manager
  • Project schedule, Gantt
  • Messaging service
  • File repository, File reservation
  • Version control
Property Management
  • Timeline tool
  • Archives
The question is if we're trying to make the work easier for the editors or if we're trying to eliminate the editor all together. Either way someone has to own the production and call the shots be that the editor, the writer or any one of the artists.

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