Monday, October 9

Slicing Panels

I took some time to give you some of what the panel editor is going to be like. So far I've implemented a method of drawing gutters. Hold down the button and drag it either horizontally or vertically before letting go and you've slice the panel in two.

I haven't yet implemented resizing of panels which will be done by dragging the gutters.

There also needs to be a way to join panels. I'm thinking that if you drag the mouse over a gutter that gutter should simply disappear.


Neal said...

That's awesome.

How bout a ctrl click on a gutter to remove it?

Robotacon said...

That's a great idea but I'm going to use ctrl+click as a substitute for right clicks (since flash don't trigger on right clicks) which in most cases will bring up a menu.

On the other hand I might skip using flash all together and swap out actionscript for java or c#. Currently I like flash too much to do that though.

Delete will most likely be a mouse gesture where you drag the mouse back and forth over the length of the gutter one or two times like you're scribbling over it.