Tuesday, December 12

Comic Language as Writing Tool

Neil Cohn talks about images in sequence as an actual language and what better language to use for describing a language than the language itself. You can also look at a comic book as a mapping of events in a story or as a map over a possible reality. This is how I mostly see comic books. I am a visual thinker so it's more natural to look at comic books from the perspective of beeing a map. If we combine these two similar ways of looking at comic books can we then use comic book language to create a map of an actual comic book?

Can we create a simplified dialect of the comic book language
that can be used to describe a comic book?

The artist might work from a simple thumbnail to a sketch before the final artwork is finished. Can we create a visual language that the writer can use before the final script is realised? What we need is something like thumbnailing but without focusing on the look/layout of a page but instead holds the story and whats happening in center stage.

I'm quite sure this language could also be used when indexing a comic book in relation to other comic books. If the language is clever enough you could be able to deduct patterns that could be compared to other published works.

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