Saturday, December 30


It's pretty hard to understand the creative process sometimes and even more so if you don't get the results that you want to get.

Why did I draw better before?

I've got a bunch of mannerisms that I feel sometimes works to my favour and sometimes work against me. They work to my favour in the sense of giving me a distinct style. It's subtle but there is enough in there for most of my friends to recognize something I've drawn. On the other hand it holds me back in the sense that everything I draw gravitates toward the same iconic drawings.

This also means that when I look through my old sketches I see a lot in there that I think is much better than what I'm drawing now. Perhaps I spent more time drawing then but I also get a feeling I drew with a less conscious mind back then. How do I get around this?

How do I control this?

I see only one way out of this and that is to get even more conscious of what I'm doing to a level where I can choose or not choose to follow my own mannerisms or the mannerisms of others for that matter.

Currently I'm trying to think of in what order different mannerisms are or should be applied. I get a feeling that the order of how you do things is really significant. I for instance often draw the nose in the face first and then add the eyes and mouth, then the ears and the hair and then the chin and finally the rest of the body. This creates a result that would be pretty OK for a comic strip. The artwork is nothing but design, there were no artistic decisions made and the final piece will reflect that. It doesn't have to look stiff but a lot of the time it will.

If mannerism is design keep it out of your layout

I think I know what I'm trying to tell myself. Mannerisms are copying something that you or someone else have drawn, relying on artistic decisions made before. If this is going to work the way I want it to the mannerisms have to be purely aesthetic and should not dictate the construction and layout of a frame, the pose of a character or anything like that. I'll at lest keep this in mind.

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