Tuesday, December 19

More Video Studies

Riven Phoenix probably has the largest online archive of videos on drawing the human form. You definitely have to check it out if you haven't already. One thing that Mr Phoenix says that I totally recognize is the fact that you become the master of objects you've invented yourself. You should therefore approach anatomy by inventing your own rules.

I think there is a drawback to this though and that is that you might have programmed yourself to draw in a certain way and this might be why I for instance often have to draw for several minutes before my left side of the brain kicks in. I won't go into the whole left-side/right-side thing too deep but I'm guessing that if you master the invention of your own anatomy rules you should be able to draw much better using both sides of the brain.

This would explain why I draw either stiff and repetitive
OR fluid but indistinct.

Pro artists always tell you to practice drawing every day. They also say that you have to draw from reality and draw what you see. Aren't they saying that you should copy reality to the extent that you've created an internal rulebook of how to draw stuff. Comic book artist are a special breed too because they often have a distinct comic book style that often rather breaks the anatomic rules and relies much more on emotions and what not. I often hear that there are no shortcuts and that you need to learn all the rules to be able to break them. I want to create my own rules and follow them so that I in fact find a shortcut.

Looking at animators ( like Steven E Gordon ) they always create character studies because there are so many artists that have to draw consistently the same in animation. Comic book artist also want to draw consistently the same, perhaps only with more detail.

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