Thursday, February 8

Further Down the Index

OK, I've started the construction of my comic book index and after indexing 10 comic books and already working with a set of 16 binary genes I've come to the conclusion that my method is somewhat flawed. You need to limit the selection of genes and not just pick new ones by comparing comic books two and two.

I'm thinking of dividing the gene-pool into three tiers. The first tier should be enough to identify similar comic books. This tier will focus on idea, form and idiom. The second tier should be used to separate similar comic books. This tier will focus on structure and the craft of making comics. The last and (perhaps) the least important tier will focus on the surface of a comic book and this should be used in some other way that I haven't figured out yet. Anyone that is McCloud-savy would recognize that I'm using Scott's six steps of comic book creation.

If we divide the gene-pool like this you could look at each comic book from three different perspectives: that of the comic book creator, that of the comic book fan and finally that of the uninitiated.

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